BRF was the first company in the food and beverages sector to adopt B3’s Novo Mercado regulations on April 12, 2006, adhering to the Market Arbitration Panel as enshrined in the commitment clause in its social statute.

Ethics, transparency and equitability are pillars of our corporative governance. The Company adheres the best practices by:

  • Maintaining exclusively common shares;
  • Values equal rights;
  • Establishes a premium in the event of public offerings of shares and mechanisms for investor protection;
  • Prohibits shareholders and executives exploiting advantages arising from access to insider information;
  • Has a policy of trading securities and disclosing relevant facts;
  • Adopt arbitration as a more agile and specialized manner for solving conflicts of interest.

BRF is a widely-held company with securities trading on the São Paulo (B3 – BRFS3) and New York (Level III ADRs -BRFS) stock exchanges. Given its presence in two markets, the Company’s financial statements comply with international accounting principles (IFRS) and the Financial Report Internal Control System (SCIRF) based on the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

Quarterly, the Board of Directors meets for decision-making and approves the Company’s results which are presented publicly quarterly. In addition to the Audit Committee, established by the bylaws and the Fiscal Council permanently established, the Company has Advisory Committees, which are: Finance and Risk Management; Strategy and Marketing; People, Governance, Organization and Culture; Quality and Sustainability.