BRF Sustainability

We live with the challenge and goal of building an integrated and balanced chain, based on collaboration and the generation of value for all our network of relationships. The legacy we intend to structure, based on a broad vision of sustainability, includes the positive transformation of the BRF global network, based on premises such as ethics and responsibility; improving people’s living standards; and respect and appreciation of all links in the food production chain. Gradually, matters such as the development of the value chain, human capital, valorization of natural capital and conscious consumption were incorporated into strategic planning.

Aware of the challenge of implementing sustainability management, we study global trends and good practices, examine their connection to our business, carry out socio-environmental risk analysis, bet on sustainability engagement and learning tools, map good practices to disseminate them, and recognize them and dialogue with the market about our progress and challenges.

To know more, access our sustainability website and annual report 2016.